How It Works

How It Works

Impulse introduces


our state-of-the-art calculation framework

What is the holocene?

The Holocene is the current geological epoch that began approximately 11,700 years ago, following the last ice age. During this period, Earth's climate has been relatively stable, which allows human civilisation and biodiversity to flourish. Simply put, the stable temperatures gave us a stable planet and a stable life. 

Yet, due to global warming, the temperatures are rising and becoming more unstable. Therefore, we must act more sustainably to combat climate change to stable temperatures.

Consequently, we named our calculation framework 'Holocene' because the framework provides solutions to how we can stay in the Holocene. Calculating our impact allows us to understand our effects on the planet and make better decisions for the future. Thus, with our Holocene calculation framework, you can help stabilise our climate and let our nature thrive!  

Click the video to let Sir David Attenborough explain it to you!

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How does our holocene framework help you?



Our Holocene is designed so that your results are understandable. We won't bother you with a 60-page document with numbers and letters but provide you with a visually pleasing report.

Also, make sure that you understand the impact that you can make. For example, what does 1 tonne of CO2 mean? We convert it into something more tangible like the number of trees or plane trips.

For a sneak peek, read here what 1 tonne of CO2 entails!

Most accurate 


Over the last four years, we worked enormously hard to improve our Holocene framework. Sustainability specialists and professors helped us to create the Holocene framework as we know it today.

We are confident that we can offer you the most accurate calculations and help you become truly sustainable!

Conform Highest 


Lastly, our Holocene framework conforms to the highest international standards. Standards like the GHG Protocol and the ISO 14040 are the backbone of our framework, ultimately providing you the best calculation framework possible.

And of course, we update our Holocene framework constantly to adhere to the newest standards and regulations!

What steps are in our Holocene calculation framework?

Collaborate 1

Your company is unique, and so should your sustainability strategy.  Together, we determine an effective project plan based on your needs and requirements

We are only happy if our solutions are useful to you. Consequently, we keep the project understandable and communicate updates regularly.

Using the Holocene framework, we run a life cycle assessment of your products and create an accurate emissions report of your product(s) and your company’s internal processes. These calculations provide you with your carbon hotspots, allowing you to take action effectively.

Our Holocene framework complies with the highest international standards, like the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, and is constantly updated to perform the most accurate calculations. 

Calculate 2

Cut Down 3

Once you have insight in how to offset your carbon emissions, your company can opt to have us implement these findings into a customer specific reduction strategy.

Upon completion of the calculation and compensation, we develop a reduction plan, set reduction targets and agree on an implementation strategy to reduce these emissions to net zero. With our vast network of start-ups and other organisations working in the field of sustainability, we connect you with the right solutions to start and proceed your journey to carbon neutrality.

Lastly, sharing your sustainable actions is crucial for building trust with consumers and stakeholders. However, communicating your sustainable efforts tend to be challenging. What data do you share, what kind of medium do you use, and how do you prevent being seen as a greenwasher?

We understand your issues. Therefore, we help you communicate your sustainable efforts in an understandable, visual way. This transparent communication allows you to distinguish yourself from competitors and attract consumers that want sustainable products or services.

Communicate 4

Are you ready to become truly sustainable?