How It Works

How It Works

Impulse introduces:


our state-of-the-art calculation framework.

With Holocene, IMPULSE uses up-to-date calculations standards and protocols to ensure good quality, full proof environmental impact assessments for your product(s) and your company’s internal processes.

Our services make being sustainable instinctive. We help organisations and their consumers fill the gap between knowing their carbon consumption and doing something about it. This is possible through our Carbon Compensation and Carbon Reduction services.

Calculate 1

Using the Holocene software, we run a life cycle assessment of your products and create an accurate emissions report that arises from your product(s) and your company’s internal processes of which we store emission data in our cloud database to enable our plugin to communicate and fetch requested data in real time. Using the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, amongst other calculation standards, Holocene provides the input that forms the basis of your carbon reduction plan.

Compensate 2

IMPULSE then installs a plugin into your web shop which enables direct communication with our cloud database with the calculations.
At checkout, your customers can see the true price of the good(s) they are purchasing and your customers have the unique opportunity to compensate for their product carbon footprint that they are purchasing by paying a few cents extra for the footprint of their goods.100% of the compensations made, go toward funding sustainability projects around the world which reduce future carbon emissions and have socio-economic benefits to the region they are in. This is how your customers purchase is carbon neutral.

You do not have a web shop? That is no worry, IMPULSE provides your organisation with a selection of carbon offset projects which suit your mission and vision to enable you to compensate for carbon emissions and become carbon neutral.

Reduce 3

Once you have insight in how to offset your carbon emissions, your company can opt to have us implement these findings into a customer specific reduction strategy.

Upon completion of the calculation and compensation, we develop a reduction plan, set reduction targets and agree on an implementation strategy to reduce these emissions to net zero. With our vast network of start-ups and other organisations working in the field of sustainability, we connect you with the right solutions to start and proceed your journey to carbon neutrality.

Still accepting projects for 2022.

Think smart and use IMPULSE now.