Our Team & Values

Our Team & Values

about Impulse

‘We   believe   that   sustainability   is   an   Impulse  of ours and thus our goal is to help everyone act sustainably  in  an  Impulse.’

Our Mission

To empower every individual with knowledge to shape a sustainable future.

Our Sustainability experts

Lieke van de Donk
Head of Communications & Life Cycle Analyst
Jelmer Egberts
Business Consultant
Alejandra Sentená
Life Cycle Analyst
Lefika Otisitswe
Chief Executive Officer
Freek Hampsink
Business Consultant
Femke Bosch
LCA Consultant
Guido Beijk
Chief Operations Officer
Cassandra Post
Life Cycle Analyst
Luca Esposito
Life Cycle Analyst
Klaske Houtsma
Chief Technical Officer
Maarten ten Hoff
Business Consultant

Our Ambassadors

Laura Franco-García
Researcher Circulair Economy at the University of Twente
Maurice Beijk
Rentmeester 2050 & Sustainability Expert





In 2019, Lefika founded Impulse with a clear dream. A dream to make sustainability more tangible and understandable. The first year consisted of validating our services and optimising the processes. We made numerous mistakes. And yes, we are proud of that — because we believe you learn the most by making mistakes.

Our first partners achieved their sustainable ambitions in 2020 with the help of Impulse. On and on, we improved our services to better tailor them to your needs. Seeing how we can help companies become sustainable only gaves us more energy to continue our mission.

2022, the year we scaled our services. Our team grew to 10+ and our services helped various companies in becoming truly sustainable.

Impulse started with a few persons, but now it’s a full-fledged team of experts and visionaries who are committed to making the world a better place. We worked with some amazing clients who see their businesses thrive as a result of our services!

We are committed to providing you with the best sustainability platform ever existed. Together, we can make this world a better place through smarter decisions and more sustainable actions.

Therefore, we continue our journey to create a platform that enables you to make informed decisions about your future; one that helps you make better choices by giving you access to all the information available on sustainability issues relevant to your industry and location.

Become truly sustainable with understandable, data-driven insights on your emissions!