Why Impulse

Why Impulse


The world needs to reach zero net carbon emissions by 2050. Brands and consumers
can lead the way.

Every kilometre, plow and stitch leaves a carbon signature.

We have damaged the planet up to the brink of an irreversible state.  Only the past 170 years, human activities have raised more atmospheric CO2 concentrations than naturally occurred over the prior 20,000 years.

While organisations are responsible for their products' manufacturing chains, consumers ultimately play a big role in the determination of the supply of these products. 

At IMPULSE, we believe that if consumers are correctly informed, they can be steered into the right decision-making direction.

Consumer habits need to be driven by reformed decision-making.

Informing those who contribute the most to CO2 emissions should be part of a wider structural approach for fighting climate change. IMPULSE strives to link climate-change needs to everyday actions and lifestyle choices to give people a sense of urgency. Our services provide consumers with be informative, reliable, easy to spot and environmental awareness.

Then consumers and organisations need to actually compensate.

Our compensation service is geared towards web shops and product-based companies. With this service we involve your customers in your sustainable practices and give them the unique opportunity to compensate their emissions. This engages them take responsible for the carbon footprint of their consumer goods together with you. We believe that one way to solve this problem is by informing consumers using our plugin and other communication means.

A low-cost addition of your organization’s CSR strategy

Help you get ahead of carbon taxes

Low-threshold service

Accurate calculations on your goods and services

Tangible communication of your sustainable practices

Building your sustainable brand reputation

Improving a company’s corporate sustainability performance has been proven to increase customer satisfaction, an improved reputation and a larger competitive advantage. 

This is correlated to an annual additional growth of 3% in sales growths of your firm.

proactive sustainability strategy significantly improves the financial results of your firm and strengthens the firm’s position during uncertain economic times.

Awarded TNW Most Promising Web Technology Start-Up 2019

Finalist UT Challenge 2020

United Nations Global Compact Member & SDG Advocate

Be one step ahead of your competitors

Start your carbon neutral journey and join the movement