Why Impulse

Why Impulse

Why Impulse?

Climate change is the most challenging problem that humankind has ever seen. Luckily, we are the smartest species ever existed to solve this problem. With data-driven information, we can make the difference today, together!

Understand where you emit the most and how you can reduce it effectively!

Our Holocene Framework allows you to understand your environmental impact and gives insights into easy reduction strategies. Ultimately, allowing you to reduce your emissions.

Also, the framework helps you make informed decisions about which materials and processes to use. For example, you may find that one material has a much lower environmental impact than another. Consequently, you can easily choose sustainable options based on data-driven insights! 

Comply with (upcoming) laws and regulations relevant to your field!

Dutch Climate Act, CSDR, ETS, NEPP & CBAM. Just a handful of sustainable laws and regulations relevant to your business. Yet, are you not sure how to comply with them?

Don’t worry, we help you in the jungle of laws and regulations. Firstly, we calculate your impact. Because how are you supposed to comply with regulations, if you don’t have all the information?

Then, we work on the necessary documents together, to ensure you comply with all regulations! Curious how it works for you?

Share your sustainable actions, without looking like a greenwasher!

Quantifying your emissions also allows you to communicate your sustainable actions transparently without looking like a greenwasher. Because ask yourselves, do you believe all the sustainable claims that are out there?

We don’t. And that’s why you can create a Unique Selling Point by differentiating yourselves from your competitors and transparently communicating your sustainable actions. All backed up by scientific data!

Finalist UT Challenge 2020 & 2021

Awarded TNW Most Promising Web Start-Up 2019

United Nations Global Compact Member & SDG Advocate

Are you ready to gain a competitive advantage, while improving the world?