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We are 11 years away from irreversible climate damage

The production of consumer goods is responsible for 60% of global carbon emissions. IMPULSE aims to reduce this enormous amount by turning any form of consumption into sustainable consumption.

With sustainable consumption, both businesses and consumers can meet their needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

We provide consumers and organisations with insights into the carbon footprint of consumer goods and internal processes to eventually empower them to make more sustainable choices.

IMPULSE makes socially and environmentally responsible actions as simple and cheap as possible to bridge the gap between consumer’s sustainable intentions and their actions.

Calculate 1

Give consumers insights into their carbon footprint by showing them the true price of their consumer goods.

Compensate 2

Partners and consumers are given the unique oppurtunity to compensate for carbon emissions.

Reduce 3

Reduce your emissions and reach a fully carbon neutral supply chain using a fully-fledged environmental assessment and new, innovative solutions. 

A low-cost, low-threshold addition to your organisation’s CSR strategy

Tangible communication of your sustainable practices

Sustainable brand reputation

Make sustainability
your impulse.

Let’s achieve carbon neutrality together.